Research Reflections

Research is complex, and it is particularly so in the Early Childhood field where we are not only working with children and need to ensure that all ethical considerations are made in the best interests of the children involved, but also in many cases the unpredictable factors that we may not be able to control […]

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Current International Research in ECE

Using European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA) as a guide, here are a number of current ECE Research issues that are internationally valuable. Reliability of classroom measures The reliability and structure of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System in German pre-school Free choice and free play Choice-driven peer play, self-regulation and number sense Social justice […]

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If I could study anything….

If the sky were the limit and I were able to engage in any research topic that would benefit the future of children and the Early Childhood Education field, I would really focus on the notion of active play, creativity, kinesthetic (whole body) learning, social emotional support and the concepts of Open Structured Classrooms. It […]

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Connecting with Reggio Emelia

Throughout my experience trying to reach out to international contacts, I have had brief exchanges with many people and professionals who live or have experienced the Reggio Emelia approach first hand. Reggio Emelia is actually a place you can go and visit. Reggio Emelia is a very proud community full of history, art and bicycles. […]

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Diving in to Zero to Three

After spending some time really analyzing the Zero to Three website and it’s resources, I’d like to highlight a few important items I was able to uncover and how they apply to my working life and my studies. Professional Development I am really passionate about professional development – for myself and for my staff. I […]

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Zero to Three – STEM Education

Recently, the Zero to Three organization has been focusing on STEM Education in the early and formative years. I think this is such an important perspective to share, as often times, science and inquisitive thinking is brushed off and questions from these little minds are answered too quickly without providing opportunities to problem solve, ask […]

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