How will you keep ECE issues in the front of your mind?

Post one goal for the field related to international awareness of issues and trends and the spirit of collegial relations

One goal I have for myself, as a professional, as it relates to the awareness I have of issues and trends in Early Childhood Education would be that I always remain involved in ways that are outside my program’s doors. I feel as though if you are a Director that focuses solely on the issues, problems, achievements and successes of only your own program, you develop a tunnel vision that only allows you to see what is right in front of yourself. You may think you are kicking butt and are the best program out there, but if you’re not watching what’s happening around us, responding to trends that other programs are and become complacent in what you are doing because it works and was successful for a moment in time, you will be left behind.

ECE is growing, developing, changing…every day. To be a successful Director who is aware of issues and trends, you MUST be involved in a greater circumference. Go to training, network, make connections, discuss issues and trends with others. Mentor new programs, find ways to be involved in state programs, support publicly funded programs and more.

To do so myself, I will ensure that I remain an involved Director and connected to the PAKey in my area. I will visit with my STARS Manager becoming a mentor to another program administrator, as we have discussed would be a great opportunity before. I will support, as a person and as our program, the local community initiatives for early education by supporting Community Services for Children INC. I will ensure that we are active and involved in the early ed programs, hosting student teachers and supporting the programs at Lehigh Carbon Community College, Norhampton Community College and potentially even Moravian College, Kutztown University, and more.

8 thoughts on “How will you keep ECE issues in the front of your mind?

  1. I agree with you strongly, as professionals we have to be aware of issues and trends in Early Childhood Education because we need to keep up on availabe resources and learn new ideas on how to help children and families. great posts . wishing you the best in all that you do as an educator.


  2. I agree that in order to be a successful director you must be able to look outside your doors and stay abreast of all the current issues and trends that affect early childhood education. Although certain issues and trends may not affect your practice at the present moment, there is a chance that it can trickle down to your program.


  3. As an ECE professional I am looking to become involved more in the advocacy aspect. I am ready to grow personally and professionally taking my career in the direction of advocacy starting at the state level


  4. Megan,
    I always enjoy read your posts. Your goal has made me think about my position as a director and I found myself asking if I am involved in issues outside the walls of my school. My answer is yes, but you have challenged me to do more.
    The support and collaboration we have engaged in during our courses has inspired me and rejuvenated a spirit of change in my school and with my teachers.
    Thank you for inspiring me!


  5. You are exactly right we have to step outside the other doors to keep to stay abreast of other issues and trends. Thank you giving great detail on all of blog that post during this class. It has really help me out a lot. Great post!!


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