Zero to Three – STEM Education

Recently, the Zero to Three organization has been focusing on STEM Education in the early and formative years. I think this is such an important perspective to share, as often times, science and inquisitive thinking is brushed off and questions from these little minds are answered too quickly without providing opportunities to problem solve, ask questions and build their inquisition and scientific thinking skills.

This week, two pieces of information directly related to STEM Education for Zero to Three were shared.

Also provided was a resource to an organization called Too Small to Fail, which I have enjoyed following and exploring as well.

I personally am going to challenge myself this week to share these resources with my staff, especially my teachers that work with our youngest ages, and encourage the use of some STEM Education in new and exciting ways that they are inspired by when looking at these resrouces in the next lessons they plan!

4 thoughts on “Zero to Three – STEM Education

  1. Awesome video that you shared, it was very resourceful. I loved everyday fun with is STEM.Thanks for sharing looking forward for more.


  2. Great videos. With all the demands of the common core and getting Kindergarten students to read and write it’s hard to fit Science in during the day. Something that I said I am going to promise my students is get some science experiments in during this school year. One Unit that my district has for Stem is on ramps and pathways kind of like the one that was in the Everyday Fun with Ste video and my kids loved it when I taught a few years ago!


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