Collaboration and support are such a cornerstone to everything I believe in, not only within the program that I oversee, but in the overarching community of Early Childhood Education. I am excited to continue on to my last four courses for my Masters program and through the end of the year, really focus on myself […]

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Conflict Strategies

Getting back on track after sorting things out in my day-to-day life. The exhaustion, doctors appointments and inability to concentrate on a darn thing is passing and I’m getting back to being the busy, crazy life I’m used to. I will be posting this weeks assignments this weekend to stay on track, but welcome your […]

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Culture and Diversity Defined

I asked various people the same question: How do you define “culture” and “diversity.” Here are three individuals’ answers that I received: Culture- likes, dislikes, “ways” that make up a specific people group. Culture: The way a person was raised and how it relates to that person’s heritage. Including family dynamics, mannerisms, traditions, meals, morals, […]

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Research Reflections

Research is complex, and it is particularly so in the Early Childhood field where we are not only working with children and need to ensure that all ethical considerations are made in the best interests of the children involved, but also in many cases the unpredictable factors that we may not be able to control […]

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If I could study anything….

If the sky were the limit and I were able to engage in any research topic that would benefit the future of children and the Early Childhood Education field, I would really focus on the notion of active play, creativity, kinesthetic (whole body) learning, social emotional support and the concepts of Open Structured Classrooms. It […]

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International Contact Reflection

Post at least three consequences of learning about the international early childhood field for your professional and personal development (any format, any length This semester in my ECE studies I was afforded the opportunity to make connections to professionals internationally. I found that it really wasn’t very easy to establish reciprocal relationships with the professionals […]

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Added to my Pages is now a Relationships Reflection Page. This page will consist of my reflection on current positive relationships I have with people in my life and how these relationships contribute to who I am as a person and professional.   One thing that is important to note is that relationships take hard […]

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Wise Words on Teaching

My life has just been plain crazy the past few weeks. First and foremost, I am knee deep in getting ready to open my center. The waiting is the worst. Our paperwork has been in over a month, and last I spoke with the Department of Human Services we were next up on their list […]

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Whole Child Assessment

I am a big believer in whole-child assessment. I have always been dumbfounded when I see a Preschool or Pre-K teacher place a huge emphasis on checking off letters, numbers and shapes that a child can identify for the purpose of assessment. Put in perspective, it doesn’t really matter if they have 26 check marks […]

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