International Contact Reflection

Post at least three consequences of learning about the international early childhood field for your professional and personal development (any format, any length This semester in my ECE studies I was afforded the opportunity to make connections to professionals internationally. I found that it really wasn’t very easy to establish reciprocal relationships with the professionals […]

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Our Local Challenges

Early Childhood Education in the area in which I live and work is extremely valued – we have the hub of our North East Regional Key ( located in our area which affords us incredibly local and accessible training, we have an extensive Head Start program in our communities, there are six local four year […]

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Connecting with Reggio Emelia

Throughout my experience trying to reach out to international contacts, I have had brief exchanges with many people and professionals who live or have experienced the Reggio Emelia approach first hand. Reggio Emelia is actually a place you can go and visit. Reggio Emelia is a very proud community full of history, art and bicycles. […]

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