Leadership Challenge

Leadership is a daily challenge. I walk into the door every day knowing that it probably won’t go as planned. I wake up ready to deal with anything business, staff or kids throw at me. Every time things get comfortable, I know something is just waiting to rock my boat! I know our company is […]

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ECE Professional Resources Page

Added to my Pages is now a ECE Resources Page. This page will consist of valuable resources collected throughout my education journey as well as resources I have collected through experience and found to be useful to document and share. Any of my personal additions are in red text! A variety of resources are included […]

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Shape a Child’s Life…

“Fortunately, I was lucky enough to enter the field of Early Childhood Education, and it’s in Early Childhood Education that I was able to really see what a unique opportunity we have in working with children. We as professionals in the Early Childhood Education field have an opportunity to shape a child’s life for the […]

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Play a little!

“Most primary school teachers would probably agree that they don’t expect kindergartners to enter first grade with a complete mastery of spelling and addition. After all, it is in the early elementary grades when children learn these academic competencies. However, teachers of entering school-agers do hope that the children who come into their classrooms can […]

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Worthy Work, Unlivable Wages

“Good quality care requires an environment that values adults as well as children.” – National Child Care Staffing Study, 1989 Marcy Whitebook, Ph.D. established the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment in 1999, as a researcher focusing on issues of employment in settings for young children, the relationship between good jobs and the […]

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Personal Childhood Web Page

Please take a minute to visit my Personal Childhood Web page on Adventures of a Director! You can visit this page, or any other pages I may add in addition to the blog space by clicking the home page button on the top right hand corner of my blog page (looks like three lines in […]

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Color me mine

Today I got to pick out the paint colors of my center. There’s just something I love about paint swatches…it’s just a bonus that these colors are going to be something pretty amazing! Classroom Walls – Palladian Blue Office and Staff Lounge – Coventry Grey Bathrooms – Icy

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Art expands the mind

I chose this photograph of these two little minds creating art rather than just a picture of a final drawing or piece to share with you. Not only do I find art to be such an important part of what children need to learn, grow, be problem solvers by looking at things creatively…but it also […]

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Touch my heart

One day, my Pre-K class and I were busy running around playing on the playground on a nice spring day. Our outdoor space is phenomenal, but during those nice months full of bloom and pollen, I struggled. I have a very high level of seasonal allergies, and am also allergic to a few other random […]

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