Women breaking the silence

Discussing the epidemic of domestic violence that our country faces is incredibly important, however it is exceedingly important to know how the same type of violence affects women and children around the world. One area of the world in which violence against women and children is gaining media momentum, women are gaining the confidence to […]

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Children and Domestic Violence

I have always had a passion for the cause of violence against women. As an undergraduate, I organized and executed productions of The Vagina Monologues year after year, raising money for a local charity called Turning Point, that rescues coaches and provides help for women and children who are victims of domestic physical or emotional […]

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Research on SIDS

Throughout my research on SIDS this week, I came across an article on a Seattle Doctor, Daniel Rubens. Rubens is an anesthesiologist at Seattle Children’s and he believes that after 10 years of research, he is close to finding the cause of SIDS. Interestingly, Rubens, hypothesizes that the root cause of SIDS is an inner […]

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A Mother’s Loss

This week, as we consider public health measures that impact children’s development, I am going to focus on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and share information, research and resources on this topic in the blog space. I decided to explore this topic because our community was recently rocked with the death of an infant on […]

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