Current International Research in ECE

Using European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA) as a guide, here are a number of current ECE Research issues that are internationally valuable.

Reliability of classroom measures The reliability and structure of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System in German pre-school

Free choice and free play Choice-driven peer play, self-regulation and number sense

Social justice and children’s rights 2017, 27th EECERA Conference, Bologna, Italy

The EECERA also has Special Interest Groups or SIGs that work on important and current key research areas. You can explore more about these SIGs and read the list of current research areas below:

2 thoughts on “Current International Research in ECE

  1. This is absolutely fabulous information! Thank you for sharing. Looks like this will take me a while to get through but I am definitely excited to peruse these resources!


  2. Megan,
    I enjoyed reading your post. While reviewing the EECERA website, I was drawn to the special interests group link. The link was chalk full of groups to share information, ideas, and dialogue. I wish I had known about this site during the EDUC 6162 course when we had to establish international contacts. It would be interesting to be involved with one of these special interests groups and be a past of the information shared internationally.
    Thanks for sharing your findings and insight.


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