Diving in to Zero to Three

After spending some time really analyzing the Zero to Three website and it’s resources, I’d like to highlight a few important items I was able to uncover and how they apply to my working life and my studies.

Professional Development

I am really passionate about professional development – for myself and for my staff. I think that spending time reviewing all of the items and opportunities in the Resources and Services section, specifically the stuff listed under the Services header was of particular interest to me. Not only do opportunities to be involved in a big-picture early education initiative interest me, but the opportunities for conferences, training and leadership development for both myself and my team are extremely desirable. I can see utilizing many of these opportunities in the future!


Though I wouldn’t say I have discovered any truly controversial issues outlined on the Zero to Three website, I have signed up for their Get Updates list and have been interested to learn about their hurdles, issues and true problems they face as they promote and advocate for early learning for infants through three year olds. It is interesting that the focus of early education is placed on preschool and pre-k, and we talk mostly about universal preschool, but fail to advocate for and understand that children have developmental needs prior to those years, and may of those children are in care as much as their three and four year old counterparts.

Other Current Insights

Something else that really stood out to me is Zero to Three’s approach of involving and talking directly to parents. Many of their resources, the videos they post and the articles they provide speak directly to parents and their goals – or to what their goals should be. Parents are a child’s first teacher! So missing out on valuable opportunities just because they don’t know that they are there is one huge missing piece – and it isn’t on purpose all the time, sometimes it’s pure ignorance. Some of these have been my favorite:

Parents underestimate the benefits of reading and talking with babies

Why being a good parent in the first year is important to me

Let’s talk about it: 5 ways to build language and communication from birth

Talking to toddlers about differences

4 thoughts on “Diving in to Zero to Three

  1. Hi Megan,
    I love exploring zero to three website. it is a great website with awesome resources. They mission to ensure that all infants and toddlers have a strong start in life is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Megan,
      What a powerful blog! I was truly impressed to see so many male figures respond to the questioneer. Male involvement is one a monthly activity in Early Head Start program and to see such response, really is rewarding. I also like the comment one dad made comparing children to “tape recorders”. This reminded me why it is so important that we as educators model appropriate behaviors at all times, whether interacting in the classroom, at play or even with our parents.


  2. Megan,
    I always enjoy reading your post it seem like you always have such a wonderful time with it. I hope to get as good as you with pictures. Zero to three was a wonderful website and I enjoyed sharing it with my co workers.


  3. Megan
    It is so refreshing to hear your passion for birth to three education! I am also a passionate advocate of ECE beginning at birth, not preschool. I am going to begin following you and look forward to reading more on your thoughts. If you are so inclined….check out my blog at: http://www.earlychildhoodedu-play-tion.org
    Fabulous site…keep going please!!!


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