ECE Resources

Position Statements and Influential Practices


Global Support for Children’s Rights and Well-Being


Early Childhood Organizations


Professional Journals

  • YC Young Children
  • Childhood
  • Journal of Child & Family Studies
  • Child Study Journal
  • Multicultural Education
  • Early Childhood Education Journal
  • Journal of Early Childhood Research
  • International Journal of Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood Research Quarterly
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Studies
  • Maternal & Child Health Journal
  • International Journal of Early Years Education


Books and Resource Publications

  • All About the ITERS
  • All About the ECERS
  • All About the SACERS

5 thoughts on “ECE Resources

  1. Very nice collection of resources to be used. I am overly excited about reading more into NAEYC. I joined NAEYC about 2 years ago. Some of our Head Start centers are accredited and I hope to attend their conference one day.
    Thanks for the share.


  2. I am with you on all of these highly accessible resources being extremely valuable to an early childhood educator. I enjoyed the website for “The Creative Curriculum.” Thank you for sharing all of these valuable resources.


  3. The center I work at just went through quality rating on ITERS and ECERS so I know a little about them but not sure about SACERS but I will be reading up on that. Thanks for sharing!


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