Emotional Intelligence – DISC D

Something that we have used in our company quite a bit is learning about Emotional Intelligence and learning more about ourselves and our teammates by using the DISC profile and assessment. Each individual is filtered into one of four categories a D (dominant) an I (influence), an S (steadfastness) and C (contentiousness). Most people are combinations of these based on their scores. When we understand our strengths, what motivates us, what challenges us and then understand the same about others, we are better able to work with others and adapt to their personalities.

For example I am a Di, which means I am a high D with some low i undertones. Below is the graphic that outlines the D “team”, my dominant team and four important points for us. What motivates us, what stresses us out, our strengths and our weaknesses. I know that I am fast-paced, direct and to the point, detail oriented and focused on success. I do enjoy a good competition and can be too competitive sometimes. My #1 biggest stressor is when I am not in control of a situation and then I begin to question myself. I have grown a lot over the past two years but I know through experience that without managing how I interact with other personalities, my directness can be taken as aggressiveness and I do still find myself being impatient sometimes when other’s are not working at my pace.

If I work with another D, it’s important that I find mutual goals and create working rules so that we can be on the same page. I am challenged the most when I work with an S or a C.


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