Research Reflections

Research is complex, and it is particularly so in the Early Childhood field where we are not only working with children and need to ensure that all ethical considerations are made in the best interests of the children involved, but also in many cases the unpredictable factors that we may not be able to control when using measures that require observation.

Doing research in any field is not for everyone. As I mentioned before, research is complex, requires a vast understanding of a completely different field (understanding statistics, research vocabulary and more). To be a researcher is to be an expert in multiple fields. Because of this, research is not something that everyone is interested in, can execute or even SHOULD execute. Despite this, I think understanding research and knowing how to read, interpret and gain information from research is essential for everyone.

Overall, in Early Childhood Education, there is still so much unknown. There are inconsistencies and practices that are not research based that need to be explored. Bottom line, research in this field is still so important as a developing field. Professionals in ECE must begin to find value in research and use it as a resource, and more and more ECE research in varied topics need to be encouraged and fostered in order to continue to allow for this growing and important field to gain more validity.


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