Thank you!

During the past 8 weeks, I have worked towards and now completed my first class on the road to completing my Masters in Early Childhood Education with a specialization in Administration, Management and Leadership. The challenge behind starting my program all while starting the adventure of opening up my own site in our company has […]

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Sunset, Sunrise

A setting sun symbolizes the completion of a journey. This week was a huge sunset for me. On Friday, I completed my long journey as an Assistant Director and closed the door on my former position. Though my new site won’t open for a number of weeks – June if all goes well – there […]

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Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues

Section III of the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct, Ethical Responsibilities Colleagues states: “In a caring, cooperative workplace, human dignity is respected, professional satisfaction is promoted, and positive relationships are developed and sustained. Based upon our core values, our primary responsibility to colleagues is to establish and maintain settings and relationships that support productive work […]

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Ethical Responsibilities to Families

Section II of the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct, Ethical Responsibilities Families states: “Families are of primary importance in children’s development. Because the family and the early childhood practitioner have a common interest in the child’s well-being, we acknowledge a primary responsibility to bring about communication, cooperation, and collaboration between the home and early childhood […]

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Ethical Responsibilities to Children

The NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct is split up into four sections. Section 1: Ethical Responsibilities Children states: “Childhood is a unique and valuable stage in the human life cycle. Our paramount responsibility is to provide care and education in settings that are safe, healthy, nurturing, and responsive for each child. We are committed to […]

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After this week closed, I just needed a little bit of self-motivation and I found that in this quote. I’m feeling stretched thin and need to remind myself that I am doing friggen awesome. I live and breathe by way of my planner. In my planner is a small spot for a thankful thought each […]

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A Child’s Grief

In what we do, we never know in what ways our children we serve will need us next. This week, we had the unfortunate news that a parent whose children has been with our program  for many years had decided to end her life. As we as professionals grapple with the emotions that we feel […]

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