Wise Words on Teaching

My life has just been plain crazy the past few weeks. First and foremost, I am knee deep in getting ready to open my center. The waiting is the worst. Our paperwork has been in over a month, and last I spoke with the Department of Human Services we were next up on their list […]

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After this week closed, I just needed a little bit of self-motivation and I found that in this quote. I’m feeling stretched thin and need to remind myself that I am doing friggen awesome. I live and breathe by way of my planner. In my planner is a small spot for a thankful thought each […]

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A Child’s Grief

In what we do, we never know in what ways our children we serve will need us next. This week, we had the unfortunate news that a parent whose children has been with our programĀ  for many years had decided to end her life. As we as professionals grapple with the emotions that we feel […]

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Shape a Child’s Life…

“Fortunately, I was lucky enough to enter the field of Early Childhood Education, and it’s in Early Childhood Education that I was able to really see what a unique opportunity we have in working with children. We as professionals in the Early Childhood Education field have an opportunity to shape a child’s life for the […]

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Play a little!

“Most primary school teachers would probably agree that they don’t expect kindergartners to enter first grade with a complete mastery of spelling and addition. After all, it is in the early elementary grades when children learn these academic competencies. However, teachers of entering school-agers do hope that the children who come into their classrooms can […]

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