Beyond Zero to Three

Digging even deeper and beyond the Zero to Three website, I found myself searching in the Resources area only to find a portal in which we can filter resources and services by state ( I filtered this area to reflect my state, Pennsylvania and began exploring!

There, I was able to find links to some relevant zero-to-three initiative articles as well as some tools that I was then able to research and explore more on my own.

For example, one article explored how PA babies and toddlers fair compared to the US as a whole. The PA Baby Facts PDF handout was a great resource that I saved as a professional resource and linked here: pennsylvania-state-baby-facts


There were also additional tools and resources for family engagement, PA State Budgeting and how it has affected and contributed to infant and toddler care in the state of Pennsylvania and more.

3 thoughts on “Beyond Zero to Three

  1. Good post! I checked out Zero to Three website to see what resources are available in the state that I live in, Maryland. I saw that in 2014 funding has expanded for Early Head Start because “less than 4 percent of babies and toddlers who are eligible for Early Head Start are currently being served.” This initiative increased the amount of children in early head start to 1242 children and families.


  2. I love the website zero to three that you posted. It is so informative and I direct my parents to that site all the time. Thanks for posting.


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