The Power of Play


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Connections to Play

Added to my Pages is now a Connections to Play page. This page will consist of my reflection on play in my life, both then and now. It will also provide insight into my thoughts and interpretations on play and it’s transformation and changes over the years. You can visit this page, or any other […]

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Wise Words on Teaching

My life has just been plain crazy the past few weeks. First and foremost, I am knee deep in getting ready to open my center. The waiting is the worst. Our paperwork has been in over a month, and last I spoke with the Department of Human Services we were next up on their list […]

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After this week closed, I just needed a little bit of self-motivation and I found that in this quote. I’m feeling stretched thin and need to remind myself that I am doing friggen awesome. I live and breathe by way of my planner. In my planner is a small spot for a thankful thought each […]

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A Child’s Grief

In what we do, we never know in what ways our children we serve will need us next. This week, we had the unfortunate news that a parent whose children has been with our programĀ  for many years had decided to end her life. As we as professionals grapple with the emotions that we feel […]

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Shape a Child’s Life…

“Fortunately, I was lucky enough to enter the field of Early Childhood Education, and it’s in Early Childhood Education that I was able to really see what a unique opportunity we have in working with children. We as professionals in the Early Childhood Education field have an opportunity to shape a child’s life for the […]

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