Added to my Pages is now a Relationships Reflection Page. This page will consist of my reflection on current positive relationships I have with people in my life and how these relationships contribute to who I am as a person and professional.   One thing that is important to note is that relationships take hard […]

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Wise Words on Teaching

My life has just been plain crazy the past few weeks. First and foremost, I am knee deep in getting ready to open my center. The waiting is the worst. Our paperwork has been in over a month, and last I spoke with the Department of Human Services we were next up on their list […]

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Whole Child Assessment

I am a big believer in whole-child assessment. I have always been dumbfounded when I see a Preschool or Pre-K teacher place a huge emphasis on checking off letters, numbers and shapes that a child can identify for the purpose of assessment. Put in perspective, it doesn’t really matter if they have 26 check marks […]

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Children and Domestic Violence

I have always had a passion for the cause of violence against women. As an undergraduate, I organized and executed productions of The Vagina Monologues year after year, raising money for a local charity called Turning Point, that rescues coaches and provides help for women and children who are victims of domestic physical or emotional […]

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The Homestretch

It’s so close! The homestretch is here. For those of you not following by blog very long, I have been in the middle of the huge, fun and exciting task of opening a new center for my business that I will operate. It has been challenging, interesting, fun… my pocketbook is crying tears over all […]

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Thank you!

During the past 8 weeks, I have worked towards and now completed my first class on the road to completing my Masters in Early Childhood Education with a specialization in Administration, Management and Leadership. The challenge behind starting my program all while starting the adventure of opening up my own site in our company has […]

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After this week closed, I just needed a little bit of self-motivation and I found that in this quote. I’m feeling stretched thin and need to remind myself that I am doing friggen awesome. I live and breathe by way of my planner. In my planner is a small spot for a thankful thought each […]

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