Time Well Spent

To those of you reading who have been my peers in my program of study, specifically those who have been reading our weekly discussions and posts, you may now hopefully understand and see where the banner image from my blog comes from – the handprints.

This notion of “leaving my mark” on people – children, families, coworkers, employees, peers – began speaking to me years ago and still resonates with me today. This idea that I can leave my mark on others and leave my imprint on their lives is an essential componenent of me and my leadership both now and in the future.

Throughout the past two years, progressing through and achieving all that has been done in the program of study, I consider the following major points that stand out to me in reflection:

  • Early Childhood Education is multi-faceted, layered, and requires excellent leadership with big-picture perspective to continue to advance the field
  • There are many perspectives and versions of leadership, program growth or program content and that can both be valuable as well as challenging in the field
  • Leaders in early childhood need skills well beyond the classroom and direct care such as business, financials and more, but can not become so distanced from those core concepts in ECE that they can not be effective leaders.

One long term goal I will carry forward with me is to consider how I can help in devleoping more future leaders in my company, my area and beyond that will help make our business or our field more validaded, successful and impactful.

I’d like to thank all of my peers and my instructors who have been able to go on this journey with me, learn with me or share their thoughts and opinions with me as we explored the many facets of early childhood education and it’s leadership. Having a community of peers working towards simmilar goals and sharing perspectives with one another is exactly how we can build the community of early childhood leadership successfully.


6 thoughts on “Time Well Spent

  1. I must say you never fail to disappoint me with all of your antics. You definitely leave a mark on people. You are so kind and always have good and encouraging words for me as your colleague. I wish you nothing but blessings as we move forward in our journey. we have became family through classes and helping one another through stressful times. God bless you as you embark a new chapter in your life and thank you for being a great classmate! I love your picture i do agree a child’s life is where you leave a mark.


  2. Hello Magen,
    Thank you for traveling on this final journey with me, as we complete the program. It was my pleasure collaborating with you on discussions and blogs. You give great advice during these past eight weeks on our final project and thank you. A great leader you will be, you have shown compassion, and determination to your work and I am wishing you all the best into the future.

    Thank You

    Cheryl U


  3. Well said! Megan, you definitely left a mark on me. I appreciate all the help that you provided throughout our last several weeks together. I look forward to “hearing” or “reading” about your mark left in the early childhood field in the years to come! Blessings to you.


  4. Megan,
    I would like for us to keep in touch! Thank you for your positive feedback and encouraging word. I believe whatever you going to do you are going to do with love. You have a strong passion about early childhood and I love that about you. I pray that you continue to go forward and reach your goal. Be Bless


  5. Megan, I know you will definitely leave your mark in the early childhood field as you exhibit so much passion and are so very detailed in your discussion posts as well as your blogs. I learned a lot from you and I wish you nothing but the best!



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