Collaboration and support are such a cornerstone to everything I believe in, not only within the program that I oversee, but in the overarching community of Early Childhood Education.

I am excited to continue on to my last four courses for my Masters program and through the end of the year, really focus on myself as a leader and Director using these final courses. Through the first portion of this program, I was able to learn a lot about many individuals – whether they be teachers or administrators like myself, or if they one day hope to be a Director or own a program of their own. We have shared our knowledge and aspirations with one another along the way, and that is a valuable experience for anyone. The collaborative nature of this program has been invaluable.

I am confident that I will continue my blogging long after this program is completed, so if any of my peers would like to stay in touch, ask questions or collaborate with me as the months go on, please know you can find me here!

2 thoughts on “Collaboration

  1. Megan,
    Thanks for giving me a look into what an Administrator role is. As you continue your journey I hope that it strengthen you to be able to guide upcoming professionals to be high-quality providers and extraordinary educators. It has been my pleasure to read your blogs and will continue to do so.


  2. Megan,
    You are the second director that I have been able to interact with on this level. However, you are the first outside of my normal comfort zone. It is always refreshing to interact with new people with different agendas. I will most definitely continue to follow you to gain more insight into my future endeavors.


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