Communication Evaluation

Previously we were asked to not only evaluate how we feel about our perception of our communication and listening skills but also get some honest feedback from others on how they perceive our communication and listening.

In my own assessment of my skills, my results showed that I scored low in my anxiety regarding communication. I do not stress or become worried or visibly agitated when anticipating communication or communication. Rather, I feel that this is fairly natural to me. I often am the one that speaks up, leads a conversation or will offer to present some materials to a group. I frequently lead training, meetings and  rarely hesitate to raise my hand to answer a question in a group setting. I also have frequent group or individual meetings with my staff or with individuals I am mentoring. It was no surprise to me that I scored this way. For my feedback from others, I tended to score the same way! Others perceive me as comfortable with speaking to groups of all sizes and a natural speaker in many situations.

As for how I present myself in communication, my assessment noted that I am very middle of the road when tempering my communication and ensuring that it isn’t too aggressive. I would say that I haven’t always been that great at this, and likely would have fallen into a more aggressive score in years past, but I do find that currently, this would be the most accurate for me at this time. I feel as though I find a workable balance between my natural honesty and directness with my ability to treat people as individuals and respect one another including opinions and differences. For my feedback from others, I tended to score the same way! Those individuals also noted that sometimes I can be very direct and it can be seen as more aggressive, but I work hard at letting individuals know they are valued and respected and because I try to build such stable and trusting relationships, my honest and direct nature isn’t misconstrued as aggressive in nature.

For my listening skills, i ted to be action oriented. I was not surprised here with this result either, as I am seen as an extremely efficient person, task oriented and the “get it done” girl. Since I am naturally so efficient and work at a high pace, I do tend to be action oriented and focus on facts so that I can (or a group can) act on it. I tend to be clear and to the point, like I described above, and know that this can sometimes lead to others, especially those who have a very different personality than me or who don’t know me well enough to trust me to be intimidated. For my feedback from my peers, I was both noted as an action oriented as well as a content oriented listener. I can see in both individuals how they would perceive both of these situations since they see and experience my communication skills from different perspectives and see how both can be interpreted in either way.

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