Interpreting Relationships through Communication

To examine our assumptions and observations of communication, I watched a show that I do not normally watch and viewed it first with the sound off, then with the sound on to determine if my assumptions based on viewing their communication/non-verbal styles was accurate.

I’m not sure whats show I viewed, as it was on after a show I typically watch, however there were a few things that I was able to deduce from viewing without the sound:

  • The characters seem to have a very volatile relationship. The two main characters, a male and female, have very aggressive body language when in one anothers vicinity, seem to be raising their voice when talking to one another often and are often crossing their arms, walking away or turning away from one another or their eyes are showing frustration, disdain or disgust. Their body language typically demonstrated one of people that needed to work together to achieve something, but really had no desire to be around one another and generally dislike one another. Unexpectedly, while watching without the sound, the male and female character were intimate with one another and seemed to turn off all the frustration and issues during their normal interactions that were observed previously.

Now, watching the the show with the sound turned on, I was able to gain more information:

  • My assumptions that the characters were in a challenging relationship that bounced between frustration and hate and lust and love were correct. Once viewing their communications with the sound on, it was easy to learn that the two had a relationship in the past, the male betrayed her and wronged her significantly, however today they are stuck working together and must balance their previous experiences with one another including the grudge that they are holding against one another and frustration they have with one another alongside their natural attraction.
  • I feel as though if I were watching a show I know well, I may have had more preconceived notions about the individuals relationships or desires that I have for their relationships as I would be invested in the show, the story and the characters. I would have a version of the story in my mind that I would hope for which could lead me in a particular direction. I may have decided I am hoping for the two to reconcile and have a more happy, functional relationship with one another OR I may have decided that I want them to continue hating each other and have a different story line all together. These schemas all play in to how I have observed the show both with sound and without.

3 thoughts on “Interpreting Relationships through Communication

  1. Megan,
    This show sounds likes it has an interesting plot. Where you watching Scandal? Sounds a little like it. I haven’t watched this show yet because I am engrossed in quite a few series as it is. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for this show and from trailers I have seen it is full of non-verbal cues and expressive body language.


  2. Megan,
    Conducting this assignment allowed me to appreciate being prepared and aware of the way people communicate with one another. But I am a true believer of how important one’s body language is when you communicate with others. You can always see when something is bothering someone by their body language. Thanks for sharing.


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