Professional Hopes and Goals


When I consider a hope that I have when I think about working with children and families who come from diverse backgrounds, I immediately consider how important it is to treat each child and family as equals. Doing this and holding each child equally accountable, equally responsible and ultimately treating them fairly (understanding that fair isn’t always equal, but it is never biased), we teach them valuable lessons. My hope is that the importance of teaching empathy in my program teaches the children enrolled in our program to respect each other, respect the differences between them and be responsive to the needs and feelings of others.

One goal I would like to set for the early childhood field related to issues of diversity, equity, and social justice is the continued inclusion of social emotional curriculum in early childhood education. I firmly believe that direct and specific instruction, exposure and practice showing empathy in the classroom at a young age will help children grow into understanding individuals. Showing children and families empathy helps develop it and we could all use more empathy in the world.

4 thoughts on “Professional Hopes and Goals

  1. This is such a great quote that you wrote, “ultimately treating them fairly (understanding that fair isn’t always equal, but it is never biased)”. I’ve had to really think about bias throughout this course, my own specifically. It’s hard to overcome something you never knew was a part of you. I think we’ve all come a long way throughout these last eight weeks. I hope that we can carry our knowledge over into our professional lives. Thank you for being on this eight week journey with me. Best of luck!


  2. Hi

    Great post, once again. I am glad that you touched on the word of “empathy” how sad is it that society is becoming less empathetic of others and their differences! Thank you for your posts the past few weeks, they were certainly informative, encouraging and thought provoking. All the best!


  3. Once again, I love the way your blog is set up! The picture you chose to start out this topic is perfect. Children do imitate what they see. I like that you want to see every child and their family as equals. It is sometimes difficult to do this because of everything we see throughout our work days. In an early childhood field, empathy is a great goal to work toward.



  4. I always enjoy reading your post. You have so much in depth information on your blog post. I agree with having respect and empathy for our children and families. They need it and deserves everything. As professional it is important that we help our children and families in kind of ways. I wish you the best in life .


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