EECERA Website Reflection


What surprising facts/insights/new ideas about early childhood did you gain from exploring this international early childhood website?

While exploring the EECERA Website, previously shared in my last post, I was pleasantly surprised at the wealth of information available and the way the organization fosters the growth of research and exploration in their Special Interest Groups. I think creating an environment where professionals are able to collaborate based on their passions and interests is important and the organization fostering these SIGs is unique.

I would be particularly interested to explore the following categories more in depth:

  • Birth to Three
  • Gender Balance
  • Leadership and Integration
  • Outdoor Play and Learning
  • Transitions
  • Working with Parents and Families


One thought on “EECERA Website Reflection

  1. Hi! yes I too want to know more especially about the birth to three and gender balance as well as working with parents and families. I was very shocked to learn how much information they have on topics that we have questions about on the daily! great post! =)!


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