Zero to Three

Considering there is a wealth of information and knowledge out there on the internet, we must be mindful of the resources we use to provide us information. The beauty of the internet is that there are many opportunities to share and find information, but the downside is that the quality of such information is many times not regulated. As Early Childhood Professionals, it is important to know that the information we are finding, using and sharing is valid and fact. It is for this reason, that finding valuable online resources such as the Zero to Three website,, and a number of other trusted organizations is an important part of becoming a well-informed professional.

Zero to Three is an organization that intends to “…provide parents, professionals and policymakers with the knowledge and know-how to nurture early development.” Their website focuses on infants and toddler developmental resources by bringing together many disciplines in order to provide the most accurate and well-rounded research to support their growth and development. The website also states that their headquarters and main office is in Washington DC and their satellite office is based on Los Angeles, CA.

For anyone wishing to visit the Zero to Three website, the website is very well put together, organized and visually appealing. The home page and content throughout consists of many opportunities for calls to action including joining Zero to Three promoting families, health and learning in infants and toddlers, links to blogs, ordering journals and trainings, and more. The content headings itself are organized into behavior and development, maltreatment, care and education, public policy sections, however along the sides of the website, other areas for resources including a section for parent resources, bookstore and professional development links are available. An easy place to start exploring would be the Find it Fast drop down menu along the top of the right hand side. By selecting this menu, users can easily scroll through headings to find a resource that best meets their needs or quickly view all of the available information at a glance.

Throughout a deeper look into the website curated by the National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families, users that are Early Childhood Professionals can find some excellent resources for daily use in the field . For example, after navigating to the behavior and development section, the menu on the left-hand side offers resources and information on items such as brain development, challenging behavior, language and literacy, play and more! Any ECE professional can easily find these items useful regularly. Furthermore, under the care and education heading, we can find additional information relating to specific caregiver situations. The Child Care link on the left-hand menu some brief notes about infants and toddlers in child care load. Additionally along the right-hand side, lots of related information begins to load that can provide additional information on the topic being researched.

Overall, the Zero to Three website is an excellent resource for Early Childhood Professionals who find themselves working directly with infants, toddlers and their families and I look forward to utilizing it more and more throughout the semester. There are many opportunities on the site to explore, gain information, collect resources and become involved. For professionals looking to grow their high quality resource list, is an exceptional source to help us provide information and high quality services, as well as advocate for our youngest clients and their families.

One thought on “Zero to Three

  1. In reading your information zero to three seems to offer lots of information dealing with early childhood education. They seem to have a great interest with letting their parents be a part of their child’s education. I enjoyed reading and looking forward to seeing more of your post.


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