I’m just a big kid…

For me, play as an adult is just as important as play as a child.

If my life isn’t interesting, fun, enjoyable and full of ways to play…then I’m doing something wrong.

I told my staff this past week that we are in a position that so many other adults in their jobs only dream of. We can and do get paid to play. Not only is play part of what we should be promoting, engaging in and facilitating daily in the lives of our kids, but in my building, if we’re not having fun…I’m not doing my job and providing my staff the opportunity to enjoy coming to work enough, or they have something holding them back.

At that same staff meeting, we discussed one of our company values, “Spunk!” To me, our value of “Spunk” embodies the Fish Philosophy. If you aren’t familiar with the Fish Philosophy, there is a video below, however it is summarized in these four important parts: BE THERE for your clients and your coworkers, MAKE THEIR DAY every day, PLAY and have fun, and CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE.

I undoubtedly live by this philosophy, even before I knew it was a thing. I have always been the person in the office trying to spice things up, push people to be silly and let loose while at work. We don’t always have to take life so seriously. It is not uncommon in my building to get blasted with a snowball and have an indoor snowball fight, be handed a can of sill string in the morning when you sign in and be told to watch out, to last minute declare adult pajama day and fry up breakfast for the teachers. It’s a regular occurrence for me to plan special activities such as Secret Staff, Hibachi Nights instead of staff meetings, Winter Olympics events for teachers, and more. If my staff isn’t ready to have fun themselves, then they’re going to have a hard time on my team, because we play! I live and breathe “Work Hard, Play Hard!”

2 thoughts on “I’m just a big kid…

  1. Megan,
    Thank you for sharing the FISH philosophy, it have been quite some time since I was introduced to this, that I forgot about its value. I applaud your efforts in creating an enjoyable work environment where you encourage your staff to play and have fun. I think at times this is hard to remember and implement when we get caught up in program policy and demands. You have challenged me to set a tone, of play and enjoyment, for the teachers as we enter into a new school year.
    Thank you for your insight.


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