Added to my Pages is now a Relationships Reflection Page. This page will consist of my reflection on current positive relationships I have with people in my life and how these relationships contribute to who I am as a person and professional.


One thing that is important to note is that relationships take hard work. They are not always easy and positive. Some of the relationships I describe on my page have gone through tough times, because relationships are a challenge – but one that we must tackle head on in order to make them last and learn from them. Relationships are MEANT to challenge us. Otherwise, we would never grow or learn from the people around us.When we can go through a difficult time with a person and come out on the other side still seeing one another as an important person in one another’s lives, that is a true partnership. Relationships are huge in ECE, and being able to foster meaningful relationships with a continual growth mind-set will only set you up for personal and professional success


You can visit this page, or any other pages I may add in addition to the blog space by clicking the home page button on the top right hand corner of my blog page (looks like three lines in a square!) and selecting Relationship Reflection page link along the left bar ….or clicking directly to the link below!


One thought on “Relationships

  1. Hello Megan,
    I am Toni and I am from Hong Kong. I agree with your statement “relationships are MEANT to challenge us”, especially trying to work or reach out people with different “frequencies and beliefs”. The process can be very time consuming and tedious and yes, needs lots of “hard work” as mentioned.


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