Wise Words on Teaching

My life has just been plain crazy the past few weeks.

First and foremost, I am knee deep in getting ready to open my center. The waiting is the worst. Our paperwork has been in over a month, and last I spoke with the Department of Human Services we were next up on their list of new Licensing Inspections, so…the waiting is killing me! In the meantime, I have had teachers working their booties off setting up some amazing classrooms, planning marketing and community events and doing tours morning till night!

But then, life struck. Last Monday I went to bed early, knowing I had early morning tours, and late night tours to be there for, so expecting a long day, I wanted some good rest. I woke up an hour later in excruciating pain in my abdomen and hips. I have a high pain tolerance, so being bothered by the pain in the first place really threw me off. I paced a bit, got a drink of water, but still the pain brought me to my knees. Eventually, after talking with a friend who is a nurse, she convinced me to just go to the ER. After hours and hours working through issues and being given doses upon doses of pain meds, I was diagnosed with Kidney infections, Kidney stones and Ovarian Cysts on my left side. Since then, I’ve been struggling through the weeks as I get procedures and juggle pain meds.

This blog post brings me down and refocuses me. Taking a minute to get back to the basics, and just reflect on why we teach…why we do what we do…That’s really important for me right now to clear my mind. I chose the quote below to remind us that by focusing on the environment, the community and the big picture, we can provide so much to the children we serve. I firmly believe that sometimes we get wrapped up in meeting demands, requirements and what we think we should be doing that we forget how to truly make a learning community. THAT is what this field is about!



2 thoughts on “Wise Words on Teaching

  1. Congrats on the opening of your new center. Your day has finally come and God will lead you into prosperity. I will be praying that you will have favor with Department of Human Services. Also, it saddens me that you are going through these medical issue,s but the Lord will lift up the burdens and strengthen you at your core.
    It has been a pleasure following your posts and I feel I know you by those posts and it is good to meet professional who are where you are striving to be. Keep up the good work and may God be with you.


  2. I enjoy reading your post. I pray that your pain will go away. God is a healer. Keep striving toward your high calling. I enjoy following your blog. Keep striving for greatness!!!


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