The Homestretch

It’s so close! The homestretch is here.

For those of you not following by blog very long, I have been in the middle of the huge, fun and exciting task of opening a new center for my business that I will operate. It has been challenging, interesting, fun… my pocketbook is crying tears over all the gas miles I am putting in driving around not having anywhere to work, or needing to do things at existing sites…my sanity has been tested not having anywhere to put my office, supplies, paperwork…but this little glimpse is making it real. Making it close!

We can’t do much setting up yet – building inspection isn’t until next Thursday for our Certificate of Occupancy, and then full steam ahead setting up classrooms while we play the waiting game until the State comes to do our Licensing inspection… however walking into my office to see my work space set up…it was a priceless moment, 8 years of hard work in the making.

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