9 Ways to Protect Your Baby from SIDS

3 thoughts on “9 Ways to Protect Your Baby from SIDS

  1. Nice picture post!! I have seen similar ones at the local hospitals especially in the maternity ward. I still am baffled at how many people who will not invest in a baby bed. It is not a good practice to sleep with a baby, especially young mothers.


  2. I love your diagram. This is some very helpful information. I am guilty of letting my kids sleep with me because I was too tired to get up and pick the baby up. I totally agree on about not having nothing in crib because anything can happen. I enjoy your post.


  3. Hi. Thanks for posting this slogan. It’s informative and eye catching. I also chose the SIDS because I have two infant rooms in my program. As an administrator, I assure that everybody is kept safe in a nurturing environment. When I started in my program, I was pretty shocked to have seen blankets in the crib, loose crib sheets and stuffed toys were in the cribs too. I immediately made the changes and sent letters home to the families about SIDS. I required that the parents provide the fitted sheets that are of a specific size and brand. No blankets or toys. There are many ways to prevent SIDS and your slogan says it all.


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