Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues

Section III of the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct, Ethical Responsibilities Colleagues states: “In a caring, cooperative workplace, human dignity is respected, professional satisfaction is promoted, and positive relationships are developed and sustained. Based upon our core values, our primary responsibility to colleagues is to establish and maintain settings and relationships that support productive work and meet professional needs. The same ideals that apply to children also apply as we interact with adults in the workplace.”

In this section, the Ideal that speaks the most to me is: I-3A.1-To establish and maintain relationships of respect, trust, confidentiality, collaboration, and cooperation with co-workers.

This ideal is something I am passionate about. There is nothing more difficult in our workplaces than having co-workers, team mates or supervisors who contribute to the stress. Our work is so stressful as is, we have lots to juggle, and I feel as though it is our professional duty to one another not to add to the stress! Be supportive of one another! We are all on the same team – working towards the children’s futures!

4 thoughts on “Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues

  1. I enjoy reading your post. I think it is important to establish and maintain with your colleagues because building relationships can get things done. We should want to get along so that everything can go smooth. Its take effort but I believe it can get done..


  2. You are correct. Have you heard of “one bad apple can ruined a bunch”. A negative working environment is very stress. What makes it so bad is you have to pick a side either with the director or teachers. I do not pick side. My main goals are the children in my classroom and parents. Thanks for sharing.


  3. It will be extremely vital as the new academic director to remember that professionals enjoy working (and work harder) for bosses that care and establish relationships. Congratulations on your new job. You will do a great job on making a successful team.


  4. As always, I enjoy your blog posts. You have touched on a very important point, we are all on the same team, working to create successful children. I think it is easy to get caught up in the everyday stress, but with support and collaboration, we can help each other manage respectful relationships with all those who support the children.


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