Ethical Responsibilities to Families

Section II of the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct, Ethical Responsibilities Families states: “Families are of primary importance in children’s development. Because the family and the early childhood practitioner have a common interest in the child’s well-being, we acknowledge a primary responsibility to bring about communication, cooperation, and collaboration between the home and early childhood program in ways that enhance the child’s development.”

In this section, the Ideal that speaks the most to me is: I-2.9-To participate in building support networks for families by providing them with opportunities to interact with program staff, other families, community resources, and professional services.

This ideal relates directly to the culture and ideals my company has regarding our business. We seek to be a family, and be an extension of each of our client’s families. We want them to feel at home, trust us like we were their child’s own blood, be there for them and create a sense of community. We host events for parents, grandparents, siblings. We work hard on making partnerships and collaboration with parents in our program. Directors put together family nights, mom’s night’s out, game nights, movie nights and more. We also open our training up to families and our community. It is not unlikely that one of our parents attends a training about nutrition, or a set of parents signs up to come and attend our First Aid and CPR sessions. This ideal supports this goal so very directly that it stands out to me as something incredibly relateable to me!

One thought on “Ethical Responsibilities to Families

  1. Support is one of the most important parts of connecting with our clients and as you say the extension of the families. I like the way you have connected the business with the child and their families. I remember a few months ago, I went to the car wash and saw one of my students riding around on a skateboard and he dashed out into the driveway and I came unglued. You would have thought I was his mom and not his teacher. His mom looked up and said: “Did you hear what Mrs. Taylor said, boy?” I think that having a real connection, a bond with them can make you start feeling like these children are our blood. Maybe because as that bond is made, they are on our minds daily as our own. I would also like to commend on your parents attending the Nutrition, CPR and 1st Aid Training, which is AWESOME!


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