Shape a Child’s Life…

“Fortunately, I was lucky enough to enter the field of Early Childhood Education, and it’s in Early Childhood Education that I was able to really see what a unique opportunity we have in working with children. We as professionals in the Early Childhood Education field have an opportunity to shape a child’s life for the better.” – Sandy Escobido

9 thoughts on “Shape a Child’s Life…

  1. One of the greatest responsibilities of a teacher is taking care of children. I remember not only my parents, but my family and teachers were instrumental in shaping my life. Learning was not just coming from the books but it came from the emotional and physical connections they shared with me and taught me and I greatly appreciate them to life.


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  2. The one part of this quote that I really love is “to shape a child’s life for the better.” Now that is my goal is to be able to shape the life of my children for the better, to make a difference. I really love this quote.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this quote! The words that jump out when I read this quote are “unique opportunity” When I step back and look at where I am in life, I realize that I truly have a unique opportunity working with young children and their families. Knowing that you are shaping a changing a child’s life is very fulfilling.

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  4. This is a great quote. Being a teacher knowing you are shaping and making a difference in a child’s life is very exciting to me. I strive each and everyday to shape a child’s life and see the happiness on that child’s face.


  5. I love this quote.. Sometimes I think we are all the kids have to rely on. They count on us to help them when no else is there. That is why I love my calling working with kids. Thanks for sharing.


  6. What a wonderful feed good quote that romanticizes the field of ECE and our duties as educators and administrators. Few members of our communities, stakeholders, government officials, and educators themselves truly understand the impact that quality ECE has on a child’s development. If all of these agents truly grasped the important work of ECE, then we would certainly discover, and prioritize, a more equitable pay scale that would enable centers, no matter their size, to retain high quality educators and administrators without laying the expense at the feet of families, or sacrificing the quality of care being provided to families and children, in order to keep the doors open. And just maybe we could realize a field in which there is not such a huge divide between the quality of care for the “haves” versus the “have nots” I can at least dream!


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