Art expands the mind


I chose this photograph of these two little minds creating art rather than just a picture of a final drawing or piece to share with you.

Not only do I find art to be such an important part of what children need to learn, grow, be problem solvers by looking at things creatively…but it also promotes acceptance, open mindedness, the ability to understand perspective and more. It is invaluable in the classroom.

I am so passionate about art in the classroom that a huge part of my own curriculum was including the book series Anholt’s Artist Series. They are children’s books specifically designed to tell an age appropriate story about art and the artist, while the illustrations are taken directly from pieces of art that the artist has created in their lifetime. It is a unique way to teach children some pretty amazing things about fine art. My kiddos knew everything there was to know about Van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, Picasso…it was amazing! And they WANTED to know and were excited.

The photo of the drawing/painting experience I set up there was to the book Van Gogh and the Sunflowers. After lots of exploring being exposed to Van Gogh’s art, reading the story, learning about sunflowers in nature, crafts and science all week, I set up this art experience with paint, paper, and all they needed to be inspired to create their own version. I pinned up some inspiration in the way of the real Van Gogh Sunflowers, however let them paint as they wished. This is one of my favorite things I was able to teach and do year after year. The sunflowers always came out so amazing. Some turned into brown blobs, others retained some vibrant colors, but all of them were equally amazing and a piece of each little artist!

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