…and she loved a little boy.

The Giving Tree

by Shel Silverstein

I love this book. Some people criticize the book, or the tree, or the boy, but I love it. I love it so much that it was the actual theme to my wedding. Seriously…

I know that people analyze it – as they do with most things these days – and say the boy was selfish, and he took and he took and he took from the tree until the tree had nothing left to give, and even still, the boy used the tree as a stump to sit on in his weary old age. I personally see the tree as selfless love…as agape. Agape is the highest kind of love, the unconditional truest kind. The love of a mother, even.

This book is special to me, and I find it’s incredibly fitting to see this type of blog prompt show up in a class I’m taking on this particular week. To see the prompt “The title of a children’s book you love and what you love about it,” I do not even have to hesitate before this book cover flashes through my mind, and it comes to me as a sign.

10 years ago tonight, I became a birth mother and placed my son with a loving, kind and wonderful family who wanted nothing more than what I was able to provide them. That is agape love. That is the love of the tree. And each little mind I have read this story to over the last 10 years, I look in their eyes and I think about another special child and know that I gave my leaves, apples, branches, and wood and was happy.

2 thoughts on “…and she loved a little boy.

  1. I have read that book The Giving Tree before and true indeed it’s very sweet and kinda sentimental in a metaphorical way. Actually I have a copy. Nice wedding theme!
    Wow your story is so fitting to the blog. Also, this choice for a book can be applied to major entities of our life.
    May God continue to bless you.


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