“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”


There’s just something about working in child care that makes life a little more joyful. Sure there are stressful times, but there’s nothing quite like having little bodies wander in to your office with their teacher and say something just so silly, give thmarypoppinsquote_blackandwhitee most magnificent cuddles. Not every profession is quite so lucky.

But there are times that even the best of us get caught up in our routines, duties and requirements. I see the teachers can get too caught up in writing out daily sheets, getting an activity done perfectly…they lose  these joyful moments sometimes because their caught up in
something else. As
 a Director, in my opinion, it’s part of my job to keep the staff joyful and having fun. I want to see every staff smiling and playing and happy to come to work.

Mary Poppins is right, and a quote like this can remind us every day – that in every job, there is an element of fun, but for us…we’re just a bit luckier.

2 thoughts on ““In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”

  1. I have enjoyed your post especially the element of fun. I have found that sometimes our home life pours into our daily work life and there’s always that one child that cones to you with a smile, hug or or that infamous I LOVE YOU that will brighten your day and that tends to erase all the stress that you feel.


    1. I live for those moments! Today every snuggle felt extra deep, and every smile warmed my heart even more. My heart opened so much today when a little lady in our 2’s class came running out of the bathroom stall, leggings around her ankles yet – she heard my voice and just couldn’t wait to give me a hug. It was silly and heartwarming and exactly what we need to make our day light.

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